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Because you have to know.

Evidence Vault™-software is the patented bedrock of implementing Accountability, Product Liability, and Digital Trust. With Evidence Vault™ you can go back in time and reveal past events in the information network in detail.

What no log shows,

the Vault knows

Evidence Gateway™ add-on -software enables the chain-of-custody and keeps original data authentic when extracting the preserved information from Evidence Vault™ to third-party (analysing, inspections..) systems.


What the Vault knows,

the Gateway shows

Evidence AI API™ add-on -software allows further processing of the authentic data from Evidence Vault to a useful form for third-party AI systems. Authentic data enhances the learning of AI and the development of algorithms.

AI API shows,

so the AI knows

Our Solution

Our Solution

About Us
CySec Ice Wall Ltd

Established in 2014, Cysec Ice Wall Ltd is a Finnish software company specialized in Cyber Security solutions. Its main product is CySec Evidence Vault™. CySec is a member of Finnish Cyber Security Cluster - FISC.


With our patented Edge-architecture solution, we generate new Digital Trust business opportunities for our partners and ensure the business continuity of customers in their exceptional digital situations.


CySec Evidence Gateway™  and 3rd party addon solutions guarantee the provability of the acquired network primary data but also learning of AI & ML. Easy on-prem installation and automated maintenance.

About Us

Our Team

Our Team

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+358 40 763 7474



Aki Pitkäjärvi


+358 40 820 1333

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