Authentic Evidence

Collect and Preserve

Information Governance Process and Patented Solution for Network Evidence Discovery

How do you know afterwards what really has happened and when? And do you need authentic evidence to prove it?

Plan & Prepare

Plan to collect network data from critical places and prepare to preserve it safely for authentic evidence purposes.


Spread the solution and manage using information governance process. Authorised user has only ephemeral access to CySec Vault(tm).


Chain-of-custody and authentic evidence management enables professional post-intrusion and post-incident root cause analysis (RCA).

CySec Vault™

Patented solution to collect network payload and preserve all safely for a very long time. Implement it as You need, from a single installation to a full-scale multi-tenant, multi-company EMS. With Evidence Gateway, fully compatible with the Network Evidence Reference and Discover Model™.

When you need to report what has happened in the network, and how!


  • Auditing and assessment

    Audit-trail of network data available for periodic analysis of realized cyber risks to be reported to Financial Reporting.

  • Chain-of-Custody preserved

    Integrity of data, access, and chain-of-custody is preserved by using of security of hardened OS and patented solution.

  • Authentic Evidence

    Whenever needed analysts may discover relevant, authentic evidence and prove what has happened with sufficient genuine data.

  • Information Governance

    Available also Network Evidence Reference & Discover Model, and Information Governance training of network evidence management.


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