Ready for cyber attack?

Jari Vildén

Cyber security: Hacker Attack

Digitalisation has changed our community for good. Same technological improvement has created robust platform for criminal actions. Organisations are adviced to raise awareness on how to improve their readiness to mitigate possible cyber threats and prepare for future cyber attacks. As an extra noticeable item to security topic will be the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation which defines fines to those who fail to execute data security. Maximum fine is 4% of global revenue.

I have found some articles that are beneficial in order to build a wider picture about the cyber risks, including Cyber Security StrategicRISK’s web page and their article Guide to: cyber risks. Another good source about cyber security is Awareness is good and helps us to defend our valuable environment and assets against abuse.

CySec Ice Wall Ltd has developed a solution which delivers transparency to organisations whole digital network activities. It creates an unbreakable audit trail, adding fundamental foundation for effective risk mitigation and forensic activities.

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