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CySec Vault™ Data Sheet (PDF)

CySec Vault™ (CV), a part of the CySec Ice Wall platform, is a patented autonomous Network-Evidence-Acquisition System that continuously collects and preserves vast amount of customer’s live high-risk Internet or intranet traffic into multipurpose or virtual servers, and clouds. CV is an essential part of an evidence discovery platform.

Network evidence validity (PDF)

The network evidence process differs from the ordinary criminal process, albeit there are similarities, too. This requires different operation methods of the authorities to prove net-work criminality than in ordinary criminal process. Network evidence capability is created by constructing it within the network of the organization.

Patented solution (PDF)

In immediate future you must be prepared to testify what happened in your network. A need to go back in time to a point in past when something happened is increasing rapidly. Now, it is possible with our patented solution!

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