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Cinia relies on Finnish innovation - chose CySec as its cyber security solution

Finnish cyber security company CySec Ice Wall Oy has signed a resale agreement with Cinia Oy, a Finnish provider of information network and software solutions. The agreement enables the acquisition of CySec Ice Wall Oy’s cyber security products and services for Cinia’s clients.

With CySec Ice Wall Oy’s patented CySec Vault™ software solution, clients can go back in time and find out about events related to cyber security in the information network in detail. For example, a person who investigated a data trespass at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on another occasion that CySec Vault™ would have helped clear up the data trespass in a few weeks.

The software works on the client’s server, storing and preserving the desired telecommunication, so that events can be returned to even after a longer time, if necessary. The system works hidden from the actual information network and the data is always retained only by the clients themselves. The system meets national and international GDPR and privacy requirements.

The stored data can be used to investigate various data events, from simple liability and damage issues to large-scale data breaches and cybercrime. The stored data allows for analyses and investigations. The first clients have tested the system with artificial intelligence; CySec Vault™ provides an interface for artificial intelligence learning and data processing.

The fully automatic software takes care of the complete storage of the entire data stream. CySec Ice Wall Oy’s innovation is in the implementation method, which enables the software to work in both universal servers and large cloud solutions.

The company’s CySec Vault™ software solves the most important problem related to cyber problems: where is the immutable information needed for analysis and investigations located and how can it be securely inspected?

“With the help of Cinia, we get a strong market position and a reliable cyber security partner in the industry”, says Heikki Kamppuri, CEO of CySec Ice Wall Oy. “The agreement is important to us and it expands our opportunities to better meet different customer needs in the field of cyber security services”, comments Anssi Kärkkäinen, Business Director of Cinia Oy.

CySec Ice Wall Oy is a Tampere-based software house specializing in cyber security. Company’s main product is a cyber-recorder called CySec CySec Vault™. The company was founded on 2014 and is already a well-known player in the industry.

Cinia is a Finnish telecommunications and information technology company offering network, software and cloud services. Cinia operates as a telecommunications operator and provides a wide range of telecommunications expert and connection services, as well as telecommunications-intensive systems and software development services.

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